Five Easy Steps to Define Your Small Business Brand Identity

What made you start your business? Hopefully it’s something you’re passionate about. But, did you know that 9 out of 10 businesses fail within 10 years. Let’s not find you in that statistic. An important part of your business success is creating a clear brand identity. What does your business stand for, who is your primary target audience, what’s your key messaging? Here are five easy steps to help you define your brand’s identity:

1)    Brand Positioning Statement:  Why should someone choose your service or product over a competitor. What’s the unique value that you provide?  The more unique the value the stronger your positioning statement will be. I suggest keeping this to 1-2 sentences. The more direct, clear and concise this statement, the more focused you’ll be with your brand.

2)    Value Proposition:  What do you offer? Your value proposition is your promise to your customer, what are the benefits your customer will receive from you?

3)    Your Brand Pillars: What are the most important attributes and areas of your business you want communicated? Ensure these pillars support your business’ positioning statement and value proposition. You may not be able to include every attribute of your company – this doesn’t mean you stop doing it. It just means it’s not a critical area for your business’ image.  Again, keep these pillars clear and concise and as a suggestion choose between 3-4 brand pillars.

4)    Target Market:  Who does your product or business serve? These are people who are likely to buy from you. The more descriptive you are here, the better. And be open to choose a primary and secondary target market. Attributes to consider are male or female, age, geo, spending habits, and general characteristics. Think of an actual average person that is your primary customer and start by describing that person.

5)    Personality and Voice:  Last area to consider is what is your company’s personality, tone and voice – this will all be helpful when creating your messaging. Is your business casual or formal, progressive or traditional, emotional or logical, etc…. these are just some ideas around what to think about when describing your brand’s voice.

Start on your own to define these five areas for your business’s brand identity or look to West Loop Marketing, LLC to help with this process. We have broad experience building brand strategies with a variety of small businesses. We’ll take you through a discovery process, learn key areas of your business and build a brand architecture with each of these above areas covered. After we finish this process you’ll be ready to start building your key messages.